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  • Raw Materials
    Recommended raw materials are PE and PP.
  • Colors
    All proper colors to these rawmaterials are avaliable.
  • Catalog
  • D1 Flange Diameter
  • D2 Barrel Diameter
  • D3 Bore Diameter
  • L1 Spool Length
  • L2 Winding Distance
  • S Flange Thickness
Product Product Name D1 D2 D3 L1 L2 S Winding Distance
CS 145/75-1201457875118114-1338
CS 165/27-6016565276053-1500
CS 165/27-90165651279083-1500
CS 165/27-1201656527120113-2042
CS 165/60-60165656016053957
CS 165/60-9016565609083-1500
CS 165/60-1201656560120113-2042
CS 165/75-1201657875120113-1893
CS 185/75-1201857875120113-1520
CS 200/75-1202007875120114-3037
CS 200/70-1602007370160152-4140
CS 260/75-1202607875120114-5510
CS 330/70-2503321607025022014400
CS 605/40-3106052004030026967036
Product Product Name Quantity Gross Weight Dimensions Type of Packaging
CS 145/75-1201700175113x113x219Pallet
CS 165/27-602800370100x125x225Pallet
CS 165/27-901840280100x125x225Pallet
CS 165/27-1201140260105x125x225Pallet
CS 165/60-602800350100x125x225Pallet
CS 165/60-901840260100x125x225Pallet
CS 165/60-1201440240100x125x225Pallet
CS 165/75-1201530170110x123x219Pallet
CS 185/75-1201224160107x120x219Pallet
CS 200/75-1201088170113x113x219Pallet
CS 200/70-160936160113x113x221Pallet
CS 260/75-120714215103x120x219Pallet
CS 330/70-250160150110x130x230Pallet
CS 605/40-3102485103x103x200Pallet
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